Adding the resources

Welcome everyone.

And in this lecture, we are going to add the resources we have downloaded in the previous lecture.

First, I’m going to open the entire project file by visual studio code. Visual studio code or the VS code is my editor of choice in case of web development. But you can use any web editor. Brackets, Atom are also good choices, even you can also use notepad ++.

For front-end development, there is an extension called emmet which is very useful. And it is built-in in case of vs code. But for other editors, you can download it and add it. It has lots of shortcuts. Suppose if I hit the exclamatory sign it will type the HTML starter template for me. And, here it is.

One of the many recommendations for premium marketplaces is you need to comment out your codes very clearly so that whoever will see your code, get a complete understanding of it.

First, I am adding the bootstrap css here. So, lets comment it out first. Then add it.

Then I will add the fontawesom css. Let’s just copy and paste the previous comment and edit it here. Then I will add the link below it.

Now lets create a new file for our style css. I am going to name it style.css.

And keep in mind that your custom css file is need to be added below the bootstarp css. Because you will need to override the bootstrap styles by your custom css. I am sure that you know this kind of stuff.

Lets move on to the javascript section. Just before the ending of body tag section.

A quick note here: you cant add javascript file in your head section if you want to get approved in premium marketplaces. But if they are required to do so than you can do it. Like modernizer.js. we don’t need those here so we are going to add them in the body section.

Add the jquery => bootstrap

create custom js…and add it.

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