Adding the typewriter effect and fixing of header background

$('#home').css('background-image', 'url(' + 'assets/images/background/bg.jpg' + ')');
                        <span id="typed-strings">
                            <h2>Web Designer.</h2>
                            <h2>Web Developer.</h2>
                            <h2>UI Designer.</h2>
                        <span id="typed"></span>
.intro_skill h5{
    color: #fff;
var typed = new Typed('#typed', {
    stringsElement: '#typed-strings',
    typeSpeed: 100,
    startDelay: 100,
    backSpeed: 80,
    loop: true,
    loopCount: Infinity,
    showCursor: true,
    cursorChar: '|',
    autoInsertCss: true

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