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Hello guys, welcome to Learn Bootstrap 4 & Get More Web Projects Done In Less Time!. In this course, we will be covering everything about bootstrap 4. This is actually a project-driven course. We will be learning by implementing bootstrap on real word website projects. I think in that way the learning will be more fun and effective. After finishing this course, you will have a complete understanding of bootstrap 4; how it works; how to use bootstrap in your project to complete in lesser time.

This course in designed for anyone that doesn’t know anything about bootstrap. We will be starting out from scratch and create our projects from absolute basic level.

Even if you know bootstrap 4, but don’t know how to use it in real world projects like a pro, this course is also for you. I think you will get a lot from this course.

So, what should you know before taking this course? You should definitely know the basics of HTML and CSS. Without having a proper knowledge on CSS, you should not learn any framework. If you have a basic knowledge about JavaScript and jQuery, it will help. But don’t worry if you don’t know JavaScript. We are going to use only a few lines of jQuery for this project.

This course has 5 sections. And it has total 35 lectures and about 5 hours of video contents.

From section 2, each section will contain each of the projects. You can get the source file and project overview on the section intro.

All the projects are completely responsive and mobile-friendly. The first one is a personal portfolio website. In addition to bootstrap markup, we are going to use some custom CSS styling which will be very minimum. All of the images will be provided in the source folder and they will be free, high-quality stock images.

The next project is named by inzel. It’s actually a corporate website.

The third project is gympus. It’s a website about gymnasium. In this project we will use this this this….

So, hopefully, you will enjoy this course. And after you take it will be able to create your own website, your own application UIs using bootstrap 4.

So, lets go ahead and get started.

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