The second point we got here is Proper commenting of the code for better understanding of other developers and the users.

We are only making the front end template here. It will be converted into different types of versions like wordpress, joomla. Those back end developers need to understand our coading structures. And if someone without any coading knowledge buys our template to use as a static site, he would also need to understand where to make changes. Thats why we need to comment out our template properly.

   JavaScript INDEX
    1. Load Function
    3. Scroll Function
    4. Variable Initialize
    5. Magnific Popup
    6. Preloader
    7. slicknav Mobile Menu
    8. Smoth Scroll
    9. Active current Li
    10. Gallery Masonary
    11. Typed JS
    12. slicknav Mobile Menu
    13. Smoth Scroll
    14. Active current Li
    15. Counter Up
    16. Hero Background


  1. Load Function
    Template Name: Elijah - Responsive Bootstrap 4 One Page Portfolio Template
    Template URI:
    Description: Responsive Bootstrap 4 One Page Portfolio Template
    Author: digitshack
    Author URI:
    Version: 1.0 

    1. Default CSS
    2. Header CSS
    3. Hero CSS
    4. About CSS
    5. Services CSS
    6. Portfolio CSS
    7. Testimonial CSS
    8. Counter CSS
    9. Blog CSS
    10. Contact CSS
    11. Footer CSS


* 1. Default CSS

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