Creating a favicon

Hello everyone. We are going to create a favicon now.

Now, what is a favicon?

It is an icon that is associated with a particular website, typically displayed in the address bar of a browser.

As you can see here I am on the home page of google doc com. And here at the top left side there is a small image. This is called favicon.

So, now we need a favicon for our template.

Usually I use a favicon of the first latter of my template name. This makes things easy. In this case the fast letter is R.

So, we can search on google for a favicon. It usually has a .ico extension with it.

But I have already searched for it but have not found a well-designed favicon. So, I am going to create it myself.

So as like the previous time, I am going to use adobe photoshop.

For a favicon it must be square size. I am going to open a new document with 48 by 48 px. And in this case we need a background color. so I am going to select it as background component.

The background color will be black.

And I am going to use the same font.

==> make it.

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