Creating a logo

Hello and welcome everyone.

And in this lecture, we are going to create a logo for our template. And we need the logo for both the template and the documentation.

Now, I know many of you are very good at designing. And if you are a graphics designer or you have good know-how about how to create an amazing logo than you can skip this lecture.

I am very bad as a graphics designer and I am terrible at creating this kind of stuff. But we need a logo for our template.

So, you have two options for that. Either you can outsource it or you need to create the logo yourself.

For example, Fiverr is a great platform to outsource anything like that.

Now, there are lots of tools available to make a logo.

Here is one. Its called Canva. It is an online tool. And it has both free and premium versions. You can use either premium or free. But the free version will have a watermark on it.

I am going to use adobe photoshop CS6 for creating the logo. I am sure that almost all of you are familiar with this adobe or at least heard of it.

You can download it from here. They give a trial period which is completely free. This latest version for only 7 days. Although they give an extended trial period of old versions….maybe for 31 days. Later you can buy it or use it with another method.

So, without any further due let’s start designing.

This is the interface of adobe photoshop cs6. Although all of the versions look almost the same…with some basic differences.

As the background of the navbar of our template will be dark so we will need a light-colored logo for it.

I am going to click on the file here and then new. You need to specify a height and width for the logo. I need a logo which width is 150px and height is 35px. Make sure that the unit is pixel. Because there are other units here which could be selected by default.

Select the background content to transparent and click ok.

I am going to use a font named Black Ops One for the logo. Let’s see which font size suits the best. You can increase and decrease the font size by doing this (26px).

Now, it looks fine.

Talk about making it center. than open a new layer. use the tool to select a rectengular and fill it by special color. and copy it and rearange.

than save it.

So now let’s move on to the next lecture. We are going to create a favicon there.

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