figma intro

Hi, thank you very much for enrolling in this course. And if you have not enrolled yet please enroll. I am sure that you will be very much benefited from this course.
So, in this lecture let’s talk about the course structure. There are a total of 9 sections in this course. The first section is the introduction which includes this video and an article that will contain all the resources. If you click the resources link here it will take you to a Github repository. Then you can click here on the code and download as zip. This file will contain all the resources you will need to get along with me.
In the second session we will get introduced to Figma – the prototyping tool we will be using throughout this course.
From the 3rd section will start designing our template. In section 3, we will design the header section. In section 4, it will be the about section. Section 5 for the features section and section 6 for the testimonial section. The testimonial section is awesome. you’re gonna love it. and in section 7, we will work on the footer and get finished with the designing process.
So, in section 8, we will convert the Figma template into a bootstrap template. On each lecture, will convert each of the sections of our Figma template.
The section 9 will be a bonus for you. We will discuss, how to improve our designing skills and how to practice more effectively to get the most out of it. We will also talk about how to build your portfolio as a UI designer for free.

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