How to spot a drone at night?

Suppose, you open the window of your bedroom and see a light blinking like stars not far from your house.

What do you think? Where does this light coming from?

Well, it can be him:

Which is a firefly.

Or it can be this:

Which is a drone.

I am sure that if it’s the first one, you don’t have any problem with it. But in case of the second one, I’m not sure about it!

Nobody wants to get watched by drones. Especially not in the night when you supposed to be sleeping.

Well, if it is a drone it has to be controlled by someone. Who is it?

Maybe it’s the police or other law enforcement agencies. Or maybe it’s just an adventures and curious person who likes to sneak at peoples at night.

You may have some questions about the drones flying at night or sneaking on you. Here I will try to answer some of the questions I found on the web so far.

What does a police drone look like at night?

Well, police have a blinking light on almost everything they got. They also have it on their drones too.

Ideally the police drone has a light with a blue, red and greenish color. The light will be sparkling.

It definitely looks like a blinking star at night. Well, a colorful star though.

The light can’t be fixed in one place unless the breeze is too gentle. Almost every drone has a fluctuation if even there is no breeze. The flight controller of drones can’t be too perfect.

So the light moves slightly left and right horizontally but not horizontally. Because almost all of the flight controller has a good altitude hold capabilities.

But after some time you may find the lights gone. It can be shifted to another location to spy on. Or maybe it’s battery can dry out.

What does drone see at night?

Let’s have a look at a picture which was taken by a drone at night:

That’s pretty detailed,right?

The image and video quality entirely depend on the camera quality of the drone. Recently there has been a great advancement in the camera industry. Now good quality cameras are being produced and you can get one at a comparatively low price than ever.

If the drone camera has a good zooming capacity, it can see pretty much everything.

And if it has a night vision camera, it can even see at low light or even at a fully dark environment.

Just look at the image taken by a night vision surveillance drone:

Drone detection equipments:

The equipements can vary from a simple binocular to an ultramodern scanner.

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