Selecting a name

Hello guys…welcome to the first real lecture of the course.

To make an Html template for premium marketplaces, at first you need a name for the template. And it should be unique.

Suppose, in case of ThemeForest, if you give your template a name that has already been used….you will get a soft rejection. They will ask you for permission or a partnership document from the owner of the previous template or theme. And you can’t give them that.

So, you would need to change the name after that. It will be an unnecessary workload because that will require a huge change.

You will need to redesign your template logo and the favicon.

Also some of the comments in your template code and documentation. Trust me! These things are not interesting at all.

If you enjoy coding then you will enjoy making the theme but the submission process is a boring kind of job.

So, you need a unique name for your template. And how to get a unique name?

Well, there are some methods for that.

First, If you know a different language than English, you can use different words of that language as a name. You can use your friends’ names also. It is not a big deal.

I am going to show you an example. This is a theme called Nirman. It is a Bengali word. Which means construction. As you can see the author is from Bangladesh.

This is weird. But if you see at the name of the templates almost all of them are weird. So, you can choose a weird name but it should be unique.

And there is another way to do that. Search in google for a random name generator. Here some different sites for that. Choose any of them. Let’s enter into this site. Select some criteria if needed. Then you will get some random name. choose a name. Then search google by entering that name and add a ThemeForest keyword with it.

If there is any theme or template available at that name, you will get it on the search result. Such as there is a template named rokstar. Let’s search it. and here it is.

You get the point, right?

The main thing is you need a unique name for your template. and don’t forget to check that name by searching. It will save a lot of time later.

I have already chosen a name for my template. I am going to name it ROCHEX. It is a weird name….but it will work fine. So now I am going to open a new file on my desktop named rochex.

If you are a Windows user, you shouldn’t create your project folder on the desktop. Because, if the operating system crashes you will lose all your hard work. I am just creating it here for demonstration purposes.

So let’s move on to the next lecture. We are going to create a logo for the template there.

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