Type of rejection in Themeforest

Hello and welcome to this completely new section. In this section, we are going to talk about the requirements and cause of rejections in premium marketplaces spacially in themeforest.

Traditionally, this section should be the first section. But I wanted to start the course by coding the template. Because that’s what we all are interested in. We like coding, right? We don’t like talking about rules and regulations!

But, anyway, we need to talk about them. Otherwise, we are going to get rejected.

Let’s first talk about the type of rejection ThemeForest gives. There are two types of rejections. One is soft rejection and another is hard rejections.

So, what is the hard rejection? The hard rejection is like those no appeal cases on the court. That means you can’t resubmit that template to ThemeForest. In the mail, you won’t get any cause why they rejected your template. It mostly happens if the design weren’t up to the mark. And if you do serious malpractice in your codes, then you will get a hard rejection.

So, how do you know that you got a hard rejection? You will get an email like this one. I haven’t collected this mail from anywhere. This is one of the mail I have received in an early stage. And in the case of this particular template, the design wasn’t so unique.

Now, what is soft rejection?

It means that they will approve your template for sale, but before that, you need to do some improvements. They will also mention where to improve.

If you look at your themeforest account, you will get something like this one.

And you will receive an email like this one informing you that your template needs improvements.

That email will also contain some particular areas where you need to work on your template.

ok…that’s the two types of rejections we get on themeforest. And from the next lecture we are going to talk about the requirements.

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